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The group of companies SibEnergoGroup specializes in the market of engineering services in Russia, Republic of Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Our specialists and experts focus on the following: development of investment feasibility studies, concurrent engineering of power generating facilities, commissioning works, engineering support of projects, experimental development, development and implementation of industrial control systems.

Scientific research is a special activity of our company. Work of experts of our group of companies has resulted in development and mass production of spark igniters and arc igniters applied to igniting coal boilers and local automation system used for automation of technologic processes of boiler units at the facilities of SibEnergoGroup.

The group of companies consists of two design institutes (in Irkutsk, and in Pavlodar), and management joint-stock company SibEnergoGroup (Novosibirsk) providing collaboration and strategic management of the departments and units of the whole group of companies. There is close cooperation between the group of companies and our overseas partners: we study European experience in the field of power generation with the help of the German company RM Invest GmbH; and we implement joint projects in cooperation with such companies as Clyde Bergemann GmbH, Loeshe GmbH, and others.


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