Activities of the group of companies SibEnergoGroup

Mission of the group of companies SibEnergoGroup is to render a wide range of engineering services for power generating enterprises. Experts from design institutes of our group of companies are ready to execute the following works:

  • Development of investment feasibility studies;
  • Making designs of construction and reconstruction of power generating facilities, improving output, and re-equipment;
  • Commissioning works, and testing of equipment;
  • Researching and experimental development works;
  • Design and introduction of industrial control of technological processes;
  • Services in the field of power generation and green audits.

As we are constantly researching the best European practices of heat power engineering, we can introduce commercially effective and ecologically friendly technologies into our projects.

Scientific research carried out by the group of companies SibEnergoGroup results in mass production of the core equipment used at power generating facilities. The quality level and performance parameters of this equipment are correspondent to European standards, and it is also cheaper in price.