Supply of equipment

We are open to cooperation with Russian and European manufacturers of the most up-to-date power generation equipment in order to provide the most advanced and highly-efficient solutions for our customers. We have partnership relations with the following suppliers who rank among the world’s leading manufacturers: Clyde Bergemann GmbH, Alstom Power Systems GmbH, Venti Oelde GmbH, and others.

We have experience of implementing contracts for the turnkey supply of the Clyde Bergemann water-jet and steam soot-blowing systems. On request, we can also supply our tailored boiler-support equipment on a turnkey basis. This equipment, which suits specific customer processes, will include plasma igniting devices applied to pulverized coal boilers, local automation terminals.

Our contract for delivery and supply of the equipment for combined heat and power (CHP) plants, district heating networks, thermal power plants will also include the following:

  • on the basis of performance characteristics that are the most important for the customer, we can select the specifications that will optimally suit specific customer processes;
  • we can develop project of reconditioning of the plant’s unit;
  • we can provide you with the best terms of delivery;
  • we can assist you in obtaining all necessary official documentation, including a bank guarantee, a customs clearance certificate, etc.;
  • we can arrange commissioning, supervision, and field supervision on site.