Power generation and ecological audit of industrial enterprises and power generating facilities

Major works are as follows:

  • inspection of power generating equipment and systems, and power generation and ecological audit of infrastructural and industrial facilities;
  • inspection and instrumental measurement of operating modes of the equipment and of the amount of poisonous emissions;
  • analysis of efficiency of fuel and power resources, evaluation of equipment efficiency;
  • analysis of financial and economic results, including a share of power inputs in product cost, power generation costs;
  • development of technical decisions with extended estimation of expenditures for conduct of ecologically focused events;
  • planning technical and organizational events focused on energy saving and reduction of poisonous emissions, including calculations of economic efficiency and payback period;
  • “green issues” in power generation industry: estimation of influence of power generating  facilities on environment, and development of technical decisions for environmental protection;
  • necessary paper works (power engineering certificate, business plan of the project, etc.).