Commissioning works

Пуско-наладочные работы, пусконаладка, пуско-наладка, ПНРAs experts of the group of companies SibEnergoGroup understand that the stage of commissioning takes most time and arrangement efforts, we provide our customers with a package of services. In the process of commissioning, our experts will do the following:

  • balancing, setup examinations of thermo-technical equipment at power generating facilities;
  • starting and mode technological adjustment in the process of commissioning of newly installed, or reconditioned equipment;
  • functional thermal testing of kettles, turbines, or power generating units at cogeneration plants, State District Power Plants, TPP;
  • express testing of boilers, turbines, and auxiliary equipment before and after the repairs with the purpose of identification of their operating efficiency;
  • development (adjustment) of power generation  characteristics of equipment;
  • practicing the start - stop modes of power generating units;
  • improving the mobility, reliability, efficiency, and environmental friendliness of the equipment;
  • converting boiler plants and stations to burning the non-project fuels;
  • starting and mode technological adjustment of monitoring and control systems;
  • thermal and chemical testing of boiler plants, and engineering adjustment of water-preparation equipment;
  • vibration and thermal testing of turbines and auxiliary equipment;
  • diagnostics of metal parts condition of thermal mechanical equipment;
  • inspection and adjustment of support-suspension systems of the steam and water pipelines with checking calculations of strength and homing action;
  • all types of electrical measurements and tests of generators, synchronous compensators, electric engines, transformers, and other equipment;
  • adjustment of relay protection devices and emergency automation devices;
  • preparation of maintenance documentation;
  • training of customer's operating and maintenance personnel.