Arc (plasma) igniting complex

ƒуговой запальник, плазменный запальник, ««” дл€ розжига мазута

Automated complex of plasma igniting devices is a system for igniting fuel oil on the basis of the arc (plasma) igniter and local automation terminals developed in the group of companies SibEnergoGroup.

In comparison with spark ignition, there obvious advantages in the method of plasma ignition, which also witnesses all advantages of the spark igniting devices:

  • low cost of equipment in comparison with the spark igniting devices;
  • high operating efficiency;
  • less strict requirements to the process of preparation of the steam-oil mixture – there is experience in successful kindling of the boiler plant with the temperature of fuel oil at 62°;
  • wear-resisting properties of equipment;
  • on the basis of advanced technical decisions, the system of igniters’ cooling was considerably simplified, which resulted in decreasing its cost, improving its reliability, and making its maintenance even simpler.

—борка высоковольтного блока дл€ запального устройства (««”, запальника)

In May – June 2011, demonstration testing of the equipment was successfully performed:

  • at boiler unit in structure A of power generating unit # 2 at power station of JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”;
  • at boiler unit in st. # 7 at Novo-Irkutsk TPP of JSC “IrkutskEnergo”;
  • at boiler unit BKZ 320-140 in st. # 6 at TPP of JSC “RUSAL Achinsk”.

Technical specifications of the equipment:

1.         Practical usage of the principle of formation of electric arc on the igniter’s electrode with no use of the surface discharge spark plug, which allows the use of heat-resistant materials in the construction, and also enables delivering from additional cooling.

2.         Usage of power supply of the inverting type, which produces electrostatic arc but not short-term electric-spark ignitions.

3.         Reinforcement of the construction of the ignition lance with insulators.

Technical specifications of the plasma igniting complex


є ѕараметры «начение
1 Recommended fuel materials gas, fuel oil
2 Ignition energy, Joule 200-1300
3 Power supply, Volt 3*380
4 Power consumption, kilowatt, not more than 3
5 Length of electrode, m от 1,5 до 4,5
6 Diameter of electrode, mm 40
7 Dimensions of the source of high-voltage supply 450*250*140
8 Length of connection cable, m, not longer than 15
9 Total weight of the kit, kg, not heavier than 8

Extra material relating to the arc igniting device produced

  • Protocol of tests conducted at TPP of the JSC УEurasian Power CorporationФ (805  б)
  • Protocol of tests conducted at cogeneration plant of the Achinsk Alumina Refinery RUSAL (413  б)
  • Protocol of tests conducted at Novo-Irkutsk cogeneration plant (1,55 ћб)
  • Protocol of tests conducted at Nazarovsk cogeneration plant (168  б)
  • Protocol of tests conducted at Petropavlovsk cogeneration plant (176  б)
  • Arc igniter in operation (video) (1,75 ћб)