Design and adjustment of industrial control systems of technological processes, development of software and automation devices.

Driving forces of the growing importance of efficient industrial control systems are the world-wide development of integrated automation systems, the requirements of the Russian legal regulations and normative documents, and the tendency to reduce the importance of human factor in managing power generating facilities.

We are ready to provide solutions with reference to development of industrial control systems, and our solutions are based on introduction of innovation technologies protected by patents. Efficient system of cooperation with our partners, which are basically businesses that are known all over the world, ensures that we can perform all turnkey stages of projects – from collecting initial data to training employees of your enterprise.

Major works are as follows:

  • designing, adjustment, and examination of automation and control systems of power generating facilities (power stations, industrial heat generating devices, turbogenerators, power equipment, etc.);
  • development of systems of control for local and integrated manufactured systems;
  • development and turnkey commissioning of all types of industrial control of technological processes, i.e. informational, control, and integrated systems;
  • inspection of technological facilities for the purpose of reconditioning of automation systems;
  • procedural and technical assistance in the process of development of maintenance documentation;
  • examination of the industrial control component of design documentation;
  • assistance in selection of automation equipment of industrial control;
  • development of curricula for personnel professional training (development of software to train operators and experts to adjust automatic regulators in real-time mode on the basis of manuals for engineering adjustment of a system).