Design of civilian (non-military) facilities

Multi-field hi-tech clinic

On the order of Novosibirsk city hall and management of joint-stock company SibInvestGroup, experts of the group of companies SibEnergoGroup are currently developing design of a Multi-field hi-tech clinic in Novosibirsk. Purpose of the project is design and construction of the unique complex of profile institutions of medical care and treatment in full accordance with standard DIN 13080. This multi-field clinic will have the following departments:

  • ambulance department consisting of the wards for receiving the patients delivered by ambulance, and the specialized diagnostic unit for emergency medical investigations;
  • diagnostic center focused on running examinations at any level of sophistication;
  • surgical clinic consisting of a number of operating rooms equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipment, and wards for patients;
  • children’s hospital consisting of the medical department for babies aged from one month to 1 year, the department for children from one to three years old, the department for children from three to seven years old, and therapeutics medical department for teenagers from 7 to 18 years old.

Project of construction of a centralized laundry plant

Global experience in high technologies’ deployment in medicine as compared to hi-tech deployment in Russian medical facilities let us conclude that introduction of one of the leading high technologies in the field of medical laundry processing, is really very important in Russia at present.

At present, there is no uniform system of arrangement and provision of the qualitative medical laundry processing services in Russia. Establishing laundry plant at every medical facility is not economically sound. At the same time, medical facilities bear complete and independent responsibility for washing treatment of linen they use.  The equipment they deploy is old-fashioned, and it cannot provide with high quality level of washing and treatment. Service time of linen is very short.

In practice, this project implies that customers are offered not only to wash their medical textiles, but to rent the laundry plant’s soft inventory articles owned by the laundry plant. That allows both maximally automating the process of washing, and providing medical facilities with the uniform quality standard of the washed textiles.

At present, a complex of laundry plants for washing medical textiles is being designed in Novosibirsk.