Scientific research and experimental development works

As the employees of the company SibEnergoGroup are actively participating in scientific research and experimental development works, they have a number of patents for inventions. In the period from the end of 2010 to the beginning of 2011, experimental development group was established. The target of this group was such activities as technological design of different power generating facilities.

Major types of experimental development works are as follows:

  • implementation of projects, and making conservation of all types of heat-and-power equipment;
  • experimental combustion of non-project coals, development of technical proposals for more efficient combustion of non-project fuels in boilers;
  • thermal hydraulic calculations, heat dissipation calculations;
  • 3-D modeling of combustion processes in boilers;
  • design of auxiliary equipment, including water soot-blowers and others;
  • design of the low-pressure and high-pressure pipelines;
  • design of the dust-, gas-, and air-flues;
  • civil engineering design of metal (steel) structures and detailed metal (steel) structures.