Development of feasibility studies, technical and business proposals, strategies of development.

Decisions on construction or reconstruction of the most costly power generating facilities are usually taken a number of years before there will be really great demand for these facilities. At that stage, it is necessary not only to choose the best option, but it is also important to assess advantages of the proposed technologies, which have to be important for some decades. To achieve this we are doing the following:

  • we study the most up-to-date Russian and global experience;
  • we offer our customers complex solutions of economic issues,  where it is reasonably deemed necessary in order to evaluate financial feasibility, possible risks, and to choose the best option;
  • we possess a big database of the developed feasibility studies for different stations.

Major types of work, that we specialize in, are as follows:

  • Development of feasibility studies, preliminary, conceptual feasibility studies (preliminary feasibility studies, conceptual feasibility studies), investment feasibility studies, investment proposals, technical and business proposals, conditions and terms of tenders and bids;
  • Development of engineering solutions with reference to equipment, buildings, premises, networks, general layout, and transportation;
  • Calculation of capital expenditures, investments needs, calculation of efficiency of investments, development of investment projects for business plans;
  • Development of concepts and strategies of development of power generating facilities, enterprises, and systems.