In the spring 2013, joint-stock company “SibEnergoGroup” initiated and hosted the international conference “Innovations in power generation industry for enhancement of efficiency and ecological friendliness of power generating facilities in the Siberian Federal District: Global experience”. Producers of power generation equipment, regional authorities responsible for public utilities, and specialists working for power generating facilities took part in the event.

In the summer 2013, SibEnergoGroup participated in the Kazakhstan – Slovakia intergovernmental panel on economic and research cooperation, which took place in Astana, where the memorandum of cooperation with SES Tlmace (joint-stock company “Slovak Energy Machines”) was concluded.

In cooperation with joint-stock company SibEnergoMash, the company started project for extension of the Barnaul Thermal Power Plant-2 to switch it to non-standard fuel. Experience of successfully implemented projects at thermal power plants in Ust’-Ilimsk, Almaty, etc., which enhanced the quality and efficiency of the power sector, was the base of our engineers’ professionalism. In October 2013, design engineers of SibEnergoGroup started project for equipping boiler units at the Chelyabinsk Thermal Power Plant-2 with the Clyde Bergemann wall blowers.


Design works of reconditioning of power generating unit #5 at thermal power plant of JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation” started.Feasibility studies of reconditioning of power generating units #5, #7, and #8were developed, and benchmark analysis of various upgrade methods was also made. Commissioning works at power generating unit #6 of the Aksu power plant are in the process.

Complexworks within the limits of projects for installation of plasma igniters at thermal power plant of JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”, andcogeneration plant of JSC “RUSAL-Achinsk” were done. Ignition systems were put into operation.

Projects for installation of devices for removal of ash and slag residues from the boilers’ heating surfaces were successfully implemented at power stations of joint-stock company “IrkutskEnergo”: Bratsk cogeneration plant, Zhelznogorsk cogeneration plant, Angarsk cogeneration plant,and cogeneration plants in Novo-Irkutsk and Novo-Ziminsk. Supply of Clyde Bergemannwater-blowing devices of boilers’ heating surfaces to Irkutsk is under negotiation.

Group of companies “SibEnergoGroup” and large multinational conglomerate ALSTOM have signed memorandum of intent. SibEnergoGroup will represent ALSTOM’s interests in the republic of Kazakhstan, and it will also develop design of bowl mills installation at power generating unit #5 (Aksu thermal power plant).

Group of companies “SibEnergoGroup” and KF COTES Ltd. have started project for reconditioning of electrical devices at power generating unit #5 of the Aksuthermal power plant as subcontractor of the EMERSON ELECTRIC company.


Tests of the arc (plasma) igniting device developed by experts from the group of companies SibEnergoGroup were successfully performed at power stations of the JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”, JSC “RUSAL Achinsk”, and JSC “IrkutskEnergo”.

Close cooperation with the Mongolian Energy Association was established to perform design works at re-equipment at cogeneration plant in the city of Erdenet in Mongolia.

Design and development group was established in JSC SibEnergoGroup. Experts from this group developed projects of introduction of water-jet sootblowing devices into the cogeneration plant of JSC “IrkutskEnergo”; they made heat dissipation calculations of boilers’ furnace chambers at the Novo-Irkutsk, Novo-Ziminsk, and Bratsk cogeneration plants.

JSC SibEnergoGroup initiated formation of the Feasibility Analysis Department.

The design institute KF COTES Ltd. took on commissioning works at unit # 6 of the TPP of JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”, and started designing of power generating unit #5.


Experts and engineers of the KF COTES Ltd. exercised designer’s supervision over the process of replacement of turbounit at power generating unit # 6 at power station in Aksu, JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”, and developed design of the ash disposal area there. Works for the largest power generating companies in Kazakhstan, such as JSC “Astana-Energy”, JSC “AlEs”, and JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”, were carried out.

Design of reconditioning of section #7 of ash disposal area at cogeneration plant-1 of JSC “Astana-Energy” was made.

 After the Irkutsk branch implemented a series of projects for JSC “IrkutskEnergo”, it focused on designing the heat networks and intrastation steam and water pipe-lines.

Boiler units, which are used at power station of JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”, are equipped with igniting devices produced by the group of companies SibEnergoGroup.


Incorporation into the group of companies: establishing of JSC SibEnergoGroup in Novosibirsk, and merging of the KF COTES Ltd. (Pavlodar city) and branch companies located in Irkutsk into the group of companies. Highly professional experts, who have much experience in designing complex engineering facilities, make up the backbone of these companies.

Design works of reconditioning of the second power generating unit at one of the largest power stations in Kazakhstan, namely the power generating station of JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation” were launched. Feasibility study of construction of ash disposal area #3 at the thermal power plant in the city of Aksu was developed; the above ash disposal area was the first one in former Soviet republics, designed for the coal-fired power station, in the construction of which geo-synthetic materials were used; work over the project started.

Spark igniting systems for automation of igniting boiler equipment were put into production.

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