SibEnergoGroup and SES Tlmace sign Memorandum of Cooperation

Joint-stock company “SibEnergoGroup” and joint-stock company “Slovak Energy Machines” will cooperate on projects of large-capacity boiler units for coal-fired power plants.

Conclusion of Memorandum of Cooperation between joint-stock company “SibEnergoGroup” and SES Tlmace company has logically resulted from long negotiations and teamwork at the conference “Innovations in power generation industry for enhancement of efficiency and ecological friendliness of power generating facilities in the Siberian Federal District: Global experience”, which was performed in April, 2013 in Novosibirsk (Russian Federation). Memorandum provides the basis for joint teamwork over projects of the large-capacity boiler units for power plants in Russia and former Soviet republics (CIS states).

The above Memorandum was concluded within the framework of Kazakhstan – Slovakia intergovernmental panel on economic and research cooperation held during the visit of Pavol Paška, Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic to Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan).

Background: SES Tlmace company (joint-stock company “Slovak Energy Machines”) is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of power engineering units for power plants, industrial enterprises, and waste incineration plants. They also produce condensation and regeneration systems, high-pressure and low-pressure piping, equipment for water treatment and fuel preparation. During almost 60 years of its existence, SES Tlmače has supplied more than 500 boilers to their commercial partners in 55 countries all over the world.