Cooperation between SibEnergoGroup and joint-stock company “Fortum”

Group of design engineers of SibEnergoGroup started project for equipping eight boiler units of the Chelyabinsk Thermal Power Plant-2 with the systems for cleaning of heating and reaction external surfaces. Improper operation and malfunction of the existing system, which wall blowers had been in need of serious upgrade, which pipelines and headers had been partially disassembled, and which spots of connection and parameters of blowing agents had been changed, caused execution of such works.

Design engineers of SibEnergoGroup were to meet the challenge of modifying the model of the blowing process because the already existing model and nozzle blowers had not met all prerequisites for reliable and sustainable operation of steam-water risers in the areas of blowing. Engineering solutions offered by SibEnergoGroup would improve the effectiveness of cleaning of boiler units including boilers, where non-standard fuel was used.

Engineers of SibEnergoGroup had already installed wall blowers, and developed models of cleaning of heating and reaction surfaces for the thermal power plant of joint-stock company “IrkutskEnergo”, Kirov Thermal Power Plant-5. Those projects included the use of the Clyde Bergemann wall blowers (water and steam) made in Germany, and the equipment produced by Baikalex Ltd. (Russia). In their work, our engineers used the following as the basis: Russian and global experience of operation and design of similar systems, and the engineering solutions reducing the impact of the blowing agent on tubes, pipes and headers in the heat transfer sections.

Background: Chelyabinsk Thermal Power Plant-2, which is one of the enterprises owned and operated by joint-stock company “Fortum”, started generating electricity in 1962. The electrical equipment of the plant includes four turbo generators, nine boiler units, two peak-load hot water boilers. It is a gas- and coal-fueled power plant. To date, the plant’s modernization project is under way.