SibEnergoGroup is a free and independent agent of Venti Oelde GmbH (Germany)

Joint-stock company SibEnergoGroup and Venti Oelde GmbH have concluded a vendor contract, according to which SibEnergoGroup has the right to act as a free and independent agent of Venti Oelde GmbH, and to negotiate commercial transactions or buy and resell on its own behalf from Venti Oelde GmbH on the contract territory of SibEnergoGroup, which extends over the Siberian Federal District of Russia.

This cooperation will facilitate the effectiveness of promotion of innovative air technologies and equipment, developed and produced in Germany, in the Russian market. This refers primarily to the industrial fans, which can be effectively used at power facilities, where SibEnergoGroup design engineers implement our projects. The choice of Venti Oelde production was driven by a wide range of the offered industrial fans, which combine intelligent technology with outstanding quality and can be used in a great number of power generating facilities. Venti Oelde focuses on developing the preponderance of their new technology solutions, and on leveraging expertise across the company to meet every customer's needs, which means that they can fine-tune technical specifications and achieve the best performance of the equipment.

Joint-stock company SibEnergoGroup has already cooperated with overseas producers of equipment, including such companies as Clyde Bergemann (Germany), SES Tlmace (Slovakia), Emerson Electric (USA), Alstom Power Systems (Germany - France) and others. In many cases, the equipment produced in EU is more efficient than similar equipment made in Russia. For this reason, SibEnergoGroup engineers aim at effective use of the best hi-tech solutions and equipment from market leaders. To date, Alstom precipitators are installed at power units of the Aksu Cogeneration Plant, Clyde Bergemann systems for cleaning of heating and reaction surfaces are operated at power plants of joint-stock company “IrkutskEnergo”, and the process automation technologies and equipment supplied by Emerson are used at power unit #5 of the Aksu Cogeneration Plant.