Патент на изобретение системы диагностики масляного выключателя высокого напряжения

Inasmuch as construction and upgrade of power generating facilities call for further innovation of technologies, which will have kept their importance for decades, timely research works and development of the newest high technologies are very important.

Experts and specialists of the group of companies SibEnergoGroup are actively engaged in doing research and experimental development works in such fields as heat engineering and electrical engineering. They are also closely cooperating with Russian and overseas innovation centers and institutions.

Our expert and specialists are focused not only on running scientific research, but on commercial introduction of the developments as well. At present, experts and specialists of our group of companies have received about thirty inventor’s certificates and patents for invention; and a number of these inventions have already been practically implemented in power generating industry.

We offer the following equipment in the market: arc (plasma) igniters, local automation terminals, which enable automation of processes of ignition, water and steam soot-blowing of boiler equipment. As all these equipment was developed by our expert engineers on the basis of up-to-date high technologies adopted to application in coal power generation industry, it enables its efficient operation under complex conditions.

At present, Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks is examining two our applications for inventions:

  1. Device for removal of ash and slag residues from the boilers’ heating surfaces (authors: G. P. Bashkirtsev, A. P. Golovansky, and R. Yu. Drobot).
  2. Method of control of operation of devices for cleaning of boilers’ heating surfaces (authors: G. P. Bashkirtsev, A. P. Golovansky, and A. A. Spector).

Patents and inventor’s certificates of our experts and specialists