Systems of handling and combustion of high-concentration dust (HCD)

This principally new HCD handling system, developed by engineers of the group of companies “SibEnergoGroup”, supplies dust in carrier agent. The approach allows making the boiler plants construction much simpler and cheaper. The HDC handling system under consideration is designed for supply of solid fuel to the burners at thermal power stations.

The essence of this new method of dust supply is that the dust is delivered to burners not by the primary air, but by the autonomous air that is independent from primary air; this is done under high concentration of dust in the mixture (30…50 kg of fuel / kg of air unlike traditional schemes with concentration of 0.3…0.6 kg/kg), and it is not supplied to burners by primary air itself. In this case, diameter of a dust flue is dependent on burner’s capacity, and it may range from only 40 to 80 mm (instead of 300 to 500 mm in the existing systems), and transported air consumption is about 0.1-0.3% of total air used for combustion.

  • Making construction of a boiler plant construction simpler;
  • Making assembly of a boiler plant construction cheaper by saving metal consumption, thus diminishing expenditures for maintenance and replacement of dust flues;
  • Decreasing auxiliary power consumption;
  • Reduction of the average NOx emissions by 30%.

Alternative scheme of dust flues’ layout of a HCD boiler plant with steam capacity equal to 420 t/h (the burners are showed tentatively, and in the front of a boiler plant only)

Swirl low-emitting burner with HCD handling of the BKZ-210 boiler plant with steam capacity of 210 t/h at the Biysk cogeneration plant (Russia)