For many years, experts and specialists from the group of companies SibEnergoGroup have worked at power generating facilities, and they have practically implemented projects in a number of countries all over the world. At present, designing of industrial and civilian (non-military) facilities, commissioning works at power generating facilities, development of feasibility reports, experimental development works are conducted in Russia (Western and Eastern Siberia), Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Наименование работОбъектГод
Commissioning of the equipment made by joint-stock company SibEnergoGroup for boiler unit #7 Cogeneration plant-6 of JSC “IrkutskEnergo”2013
Commissioning of the equipment, produced by joint-stock company “SibEnergoGroup”, for boiler unit #7Cogeneration plant-6 of JSC “IrkutskEnergo”2013
Commissioning of boiler equipment at power unit #6TPP in Aksu, JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”2013-2014
Commissioning works at power generating unit #6TPP in Aksu, JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”2013
Complex of commissioning of the HTZ-325-32.5 turbounit and the TVG-325 turbo generator of power generating unit #3 TPP in Aksu, JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”2013
On-site supervision and commissioning of igniting devices in power unit #6TPP in Aksu, JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”2013
Survey of boiler unit structures “Stepnogorsk Thermal Power Plant” Ltd2013
Test of cooling tower at power station Cogeneration plant-11, JSC “IrkutskEnergo”2012
Commissioning of turbo unit at power generating unit # 6 TPP in Aksu, JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”2012
Full-scale tests of the PT-80-130/13 turbounit Novo-Ziminsk cogeneration plant2011
Conduct of functional thermal testing of turbounit Baikal cogeneration plant 2010
Inspection and testing of circular water supply system Cogeneration plant in Ust-Ilimsk2010
Assembly of continuous blow-down stretcher of the unit installed at st. #1 Cogeneration plant-10 of JSC “IrkutskEnergo”2010
Determination of the ideal start-up modes of a steam turbine with the TV-150-2 three-phase generator Cogeneration plant-10 of JSC “IrkutskEnergo”2010
Inspection and calculation of loading pipeline of feed electric pumps of the units installed at st. #6 and 8, accompanied with industrial safety examination Cogeneration plant-10 of JSC “IrkutskEnergo”2010
Conduct of balance testing of cooling towers after reconstruction Novo-Irkutsk cogeneration plant 2010
Inspection of boiler equipment, drawing up guidelines for reliability enhancement Almaty cogeneration plant-22009
Inspection of water chemical operational mode focused on improving reliability of boiler units Almaty cogeneration plant-22009
Commissioning works in the process of removal of power generating unit #2TPP in Aksu, JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”2009
Preventive maintenance, assembly of flues, disassemble of scrubbers at power generating units #1, 2 Ekibastuz State District Power Plant-22008